Our vision

  •  To share the good news of God’s love, forgiveness of sin, healing and deliverance from the power of darkness, provision for today and hope for eternal life here-after, to the diverse peoples of Canada irrespective of color, race, or ethnic background.
  •   Our mission-strategy is to start from our own Jerusalem, i.e. Toronto and reach out to all other peoples who are resident in Canada.

Our Mission

  •  To preach and teach the gospel of Jesus Christ to the spiritually lost, disciple and nurture them to be Christ-centered, Holy Spirit-filled, doctrinally sound and mature saints in God’s Kingdom. (Evangelism) 
  •  To establish and maintain a friendly multicultural Christian fellowship where every member is an important integral part of the family.
  •   To worship the Lord in spirit and in truth with all kinds of musical instruments and songs that inspire the soul and spirit but are culturally sensitive.
  •  To provide Systematic Teachings that are theologically sound and balanced
  • To equip all members to become responsible leaders/ministers for ministry. 
  • To offer holistic ministry to the needs of the total person (including spiritual, material, emotional, intellectual, physical and social).
  • To mobilize material and educational resources toward the promotion of the Church’s International Missionary mandate especially in Africa and other developing countries.